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VIEW FINDERS Celebrate !

On February 8, members of the Viewfinders Camera Club gathered at the Elks Lodge to celebrate the joy of capturing images and to recognize the top photographers in the club. Ed Wilent was tapped as the Photographer of the Year for his outstanding achievements in the monthly theme contests. Evening activities centered on three separate contests, the monthly theme contest “Humor,” the Picture of the Year contest and a new competition called, “Things I Love,” in which members chose an image which best typifies something or someone they love. Read More...

March ~ Florence Event Center: Gallery 1 – Backstreet Artists; and Gallery 5 - Rent A Rod

Artists from Florence’s well known Backstreet Gallery will be featured in FEC’s Gallery One during March. The show opens February 27 and runs through March 30.Kathryn Damon-Dawson with unique watercolor series including "ShapeShifter Raven," inspired by intimate experiences with ravens at her tundra cabin in Alaska.Kris Denoyer presents her one-of-a-kind sculptures. “I wheel throw the body and hand sculpt the rest. Karen Nichols’ work includes paper collage sculpture in bas-relief as well as a variety of watercolors, oils, acrylics, inks, and photography. Jane Smoley will show her unique fused glass pieces in the glass case, including a collection of starfish.Muriel Wilhelmi specializes in seascapes and other water scenes.Meredith Draper will display two pieces called Assemblages, which are collections of found objects arranged into a work of art.

Gallery 5 – Annual Rent A Rod Exhibit for two-dimensional art (non-Photography). A variety of artists showing their artwork.

Christine Polder and Paula Kuntz ~ Backstreet New Members

Backstreet welcomes Paula Kunst and Christine Polder. These talented artists begin showing their work as members in March.

Paula celebrates ten years in Florence, coming from Montebello, California. She dabbled in many media before settling on the forms she creates today. She returns to Backstreet after a two-year hiatus.

Award-winning watercolorist, Christine comes to us from Wisconsin, a place she holds dear enough to contemplate returning. Challenged by an art correspondence course, she proceeded with no formal training, though she has taken classes and workshops over the years. Now a water media artist, Christine has always enjoyed art. She puts that interest into her “watercolor gone awry.”


The New Second Saturday Art Gallery Tour

The Second Saturday Gallery Tour from 3-5PM has begun. Liven up your Saturday as you enjoy the fantastic art from Local Florence Artists. You’re invited to receptions at the following galleries each second Saturday. Participating galleries are: The River Gallery, Pacific Frameworks, Backstreet Gallery, Old Town Coffee Gallery, The Gallery Above the Silver Lining Boutique, The Vardanian Gallery, Shakespeare Armoire and the Siuslaw Public Library. Get locations and phone numbers here.


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